International trademark registration
The validity of the certificate for a trademark covers the territory of the state in which its registration was carried out. International trademark registration is different in that a trademark certificate covers two or more countries. For example, if doing business is not limited to the territory of the Russian Federation and goes to the international level, it is necessary to protect your exclusive rights to trademarks in the territory of those states in which they will be applied. To do this, you must go through the procedure of international registration of a trademark.
There are 2 ways of this procedure:
by applying directly to the national Patent Office of each country of interest.
through the international registration of a trademark in the Madrid System.
In the first case, this is quite an expensive procedure. An application for registration of a trademark in the country of interest is filed through patent attorneys who will require appropriate payment for their services. Correspondence with the Patent Office should be conducted in the national language of the country in which you register your trademark, respectively, will require the cost of an interpreter. In addition to all this, you must pay a state fee.
The Madrid system is the best and fastest way to obtain the legal protection of a trademark in the states that participate in this system.
To register a trademark in several countries for the Madrid system, you need to submit only one application. The term of the International trademark registration in all countries is 10 years. Extension of the validity of the certificate for a trademark in all countries is carried out by submitting a single application. Also the copyright holder can add additional countries.
The cost of our services for the international registration of your trademark: from 30 000 rub. depending on which countries you want to get a certificate for a trademark.