International patent filing
Registration of a patent is the process of obtaining a patent for an object of intellectual property. Patent registration is necessary in order to most effectively protect the result of your intellectual activity.
However, a patent registered in the Russian Federation cannot count on legal protection outside this state. In order for a patent to enjoy legal protection outside the Russian Federation, it must be registered abroad. The processing of international applications and their transfer to specific countries is handled by the World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO (WIPO). Apply through WIPO in more than 130 countries.
There are two ways to register an international patent.
To submit the International application immediately to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), through Rospatent (the Russian Patent Office).
First obtain a Russian patent, and then file an international application on the basis of this patent. In this case, the priority date of the national patent application is stored for the international application
Having received an international patent, you will not only become an owner of international patent protection, but also be able to conclude international patent agreements and participate in international trade in licenses and patents.
The cost of our services: from 50 000 rubles. depending on the territory of which country (countries) you want to get a patent.