Monitoring of illegal use of trademarks, patents
Trademarks and patents, as judicial practice shows, are the most attractive objects for infringers of intellectual property rights.
Losses suffered by the right holders as a result of illegal use of their trademarks and patents are expressed not only in financial, but also in reputational losses, whereas infringers, acting under someone else’s trademark or patent, tend to care little about the quality of their products or services produced on behalf of a well-known company. In this regard, almost all successful entrepreneurs sooner or later have a problem related to the suppression of the illegal use of a trademark, patent.
Our company monitors the illegal use of trademarks and patents and will be glad to offer You our services.
First of all, we will enter into business negotiations with a company we found, which use Your trademark or patent, we will send a claim for the immediate termination of Your trademark or patent use, compensation for material damage and moral damage. If You wish, we can represent Your company in the law courts. In general, we will do everything so that the company using Your trademark or patent incurs legal liability, including material liability.
Monitoring period: from 10 working days
The sum of our services is: 50 000 rubles.