Intellectual Property Training
The specialists of LLC “ZNAKOV Company” developed a basic author’s course in the sphere of intellectual property, which includes 3 lessons with a total running time of 2 hours (120 minutes) each.
1 lesson is introductory (review), devoted in general to the entire Fourth Part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (this part is directly devoted to all intellectual property issues: trademarks, patents, know-how, copyrights, computer programs and many others.).
2 lesson is devoted specifically to everything related to trademarks (TM signs). These are terminological (conceptual) issues, problematic aspects of registration, use, extrajudicial, as well as judicial protection and many others.
3 lesson is devoted to various issues of patent execution for inventions, utility models, industrial designs.
If the issues of patent execution are not relevant for your company, we can replace this block with questions, for example, related to the establishment of the know-how regime (production secrets) in the company.
Lessons are held in the form of lectures, conversations.
Tuition fee is 25 000 rubles.
Schedule of lessons (dates, time) are determined based on Your wishes.
Please note that the tuition fee does not depend on the number of students, but the only condition is that all students are employees of Your company, and not third parties.