Intellectual property valuation
Our company evaluates trademarks (verbal, graphic, combined, three-dimensional, sound), patents (for inventions, utility models, industrial designs), know-how (secrets of production) and other objects of intellectual property.
A trademark is a designation used to individualize goods, works performed or services rendered by legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.
An invention is a technical solution in any field relating to a product (in particular, a device, a substance, a microorganism strain, a cell culture of plants or animals) or a method (the process of performing actions on a material object with the help of material means).
The utility model is a technical solution related to the device.
An industrial design is an artistic design solution for a product of industrial or handicraft production, which determines its appearance.
The secret of production (know-how - from English know how - "I know how") shall be deemed information of any character (production, technical, economic, organizational and others), including the results of intellectual activity in the scientific-technical sphere, as well as information about the ways of implementation of professional activities, which have real or potential commercial value by virtue of non-public nature, to which third parties do not have free access on legal grounds and with respect to which the owner of such information entered a non-disclosure.
Valuation of intellectual property is the process of utility determination of intellectual property object in monetary terms.
Why is it necessary to evaluate intellectual property?
In making an assessment You will be able to find out the real market value of Your object (s) of intellectual property. For example, if you decide to sell your trademark or patent, then, knowing their market value, you will definitely not remain in the red.
Also, the assessment of intellectual property objects is needed in cases where the rights to these intellectual property objects of the right holder (if it is a trademark) or the patent owner (if it is a patent for an invention, utility model, industrial design) are infringed. When applying to the court for penalty from the pirate (defendant), the claimer (person whose rights have been infringed) must first assess the value of the intellectual property object.
The cost of our services: from 50 000 rubles depending on what kind of intellectual property object You would like to evaluate.