Patent research
Patent research is a study of the technical level and tendencies in the development of objects of economic activity, their patentability, patent purity, competitiveness (efficiency of the intended use) on the basis of patent and other information.
Patent research differs from patent information search in that the patent search is more specific and is carried out on a specific intellectual property object and simply answers the question of the patentability of the object.
In patent research, the existence of an intellectual property object is not necessary, on the contrary, it serves so that You, inventing something new, know exactly whether this object is needed, whether it is in demand in the market, in what area it will be used.
Patent research will provide a list of competitors and their position in the market and will answer many other questions.
The content of work within the patent research:
• study of the technical level of objects of economic activity, identification of tendencies, justification of the forecast of their development;
• study of the markets state for these products, the current patent situation, the nature of national production in the countries of study;
• study of consumer requirements for products and services;
• study of the directions of research and production activities of organizations and firms operate or may operate in the market of the studied products.
The term of the patent research: from 14 working days.
The cost of our services: from 50 000 rubles, depending on the complexity of the task.
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