Trademark Applicant Change
After filing an application for a trademark to the Federal executive authority for intellectual property (FIPS), the applicant has the right to make changes, additions, detailing or correct the application materials, including by filing additional materials, only until the authorized state body (FIPS) makes decision about the state registration of the trademark.
To make changes about the applicant in the trademark application is possible in the case of transfer or transfer of the right to register a trademark or as a result of a change in the name or name of the applicant, as well as correction of obvious and technical errors in the application documents before making a decision on state registration of the trademark (article 1503 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) or before the decision to refuse its state registration.
Our company provides legal assistance in the preparation of the required set of documents for changing the applicant in the application for a trademark and in paperwork management on the filed application for a shift.
The preparation term of the required set of documents: 3 working days.
The consideration term of a set of documents by FIPS: 1–2 months.
The cost of our services: 10 000 rubles.
The set out state fee is paid separately: 4,900 rubles.