Franchise packaging
Franchising (eng. franchise, “license”, “privilege”), franchise (fr. franchise - bonus, privilege), commercial concession – a type of relationship between market subjects, when one party (franchisor) transfers to another party (franchisee) for a fee ( royalty) the right to a certain type of business using the developed business model of its management. This is a developed form of licensing, in which one party (the franchisor) provides the other party (the franchisee) with a compensated right to act on its own behalf, using trademarks and / or brands of the franchisor.

In a general sense, franchising is the “rent” of a trademark or commercial designation. The use of a franchise is regulated by a contract between the franchisor (the one who provides the franchise) and the franchisee (the one who receives it). The content of the contract can be different, from simple to very complex, containing the smallest details of the use of a trademark. As a rule, the contract regulates the amount of deductions for the use of a franchise (it can be fixed, one-time for a certain period, constituting a percentage of sales). The requirement of deductions may be absent, but in this case, the franchisee is obliged to buy from the franchisor a certain amount of goods / works / services.

Franchise packaging is, in fact, a representation of your business as a potential franchisee, so when designing packaging, should pay attention to various aspects to interest the buyer. He should get familiar with your business and understand why it is worth cooperating with you. Inner and outer packaging are different.

Basic package
200 000 rub.
Start package
400 000 rub.
Start + package
750 000 rub.